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One Minute Melee: Ripper Roo VS Bean the Dynamite
1 Minute Melee!
Where the most fun people have is in the fight!
Two fighters! Sixty seconds! One victor!
(Dynamite Plant)

Inside a factory appropriately named the 'Dynamite Plant', explosives were being set up as a green duck with a red bandana on his neck and red shoes was smiling as he picked up a couple bombs and started juggling them around happily.
"This is the life!" The duck, known as Bean the Dynamite, was laughing as he put the bombs away. "I just love what I do... making bombs and selling or using them for good needs..."
The duck paused as he put his hand on his bill. "But it can get a little lonely in here... I wonder... if only I had someone who understands my love for explosives, what I wouldn't give for th-"
All of a sudden, on cue, the side of the building blew up as Bean turned in excitement. "But what is this?"
To Bean's surprise, a hopping blue kangaroo/dingo like creature with swirling red eyes, glasses, a top hat, a yellow mustache and a white stra
:iconorange-ratchet:Orange-Ratchet 6 8
Cragmite Heroes v Villains by IrishLion17 Cragmite Heroes v Villains :iconirishlion17:IrishLion17 1 20 Batman v. Groot by RichardVale Batman v. Groot :iconrichardvale:RichardVale 22 3 TD Style: Woody and Juliette by Asujoll TD Style: Woody and Juliette :iconasujoll:Asujoll 4 16 Boney Island Meme by BaconBaka Boney Island Meme :iconbaconbaka:BaconBaka 7 5



So, it seems Skype is down for a lot of Europe currently, England included. Of all the times to not have moved to America, am I right?
Culture Shock: Sea What I Did There?
Another episode of Culture Shock for you all. In this episode Donald and his father head out to sea on a fishing trip, and Yoko is bought along with them. While they may know how to swim and be armed with a big boat and a book with advice on how not to drown, things get messy once infamous, and toothless, Gummy Dennis starts to prove more of a match than a typical fish. This could be sink or swim...


Characters and Culture Shock belong to me.

Title card drawn by the talented :iconshadow326:
Hunger Games: Burning Snow - Arena Map (SPOILERS)

This is the map of the Arena for my Hunger Games fic, the second in the series starring the curly haired boy from Four seen in the movie, here dubbed Urchin. A snowy tundra and forest, full of horrible surprises and dangerous twists for the 12 years olds to battle through... or die from. May the odds be ever in their favor.

This map doesn't just show what the Arena looks like for a better visual of what is going on in the story, but it also shows the exact locations of where the living Tributes are at the end of each chapter, and the locations that the Fallen Tributes died at.

A square represents a male Tribute.

A triangle represents a female Tribute.

An X marks a dead tribute.

Colour Code:

District 1- Avacado Green

District 2- Rust Red

District 3- Mustard Yellow

District 4- Seastorm Blue

District 5- Plum Red

District 6- Tomato Red

District 7- Russet Brown

District 8- Goldenrod Yellow

District 9- Bottle Green

District 10- Fole Grass Grey

District 11- Chocolate Brown

District 12- Coal Black

Positions are current to the end of: DAY SIX.

The Tributes can be seen here:…

Story is found here:… (read Hot Water first!)
CragmiteBlaster's ORG Stats
*Credit to :iconasujoll: for helping me with the math for the averages in the past*

As some of you are likely aware (and some may not be aware) I have been known to play in ORG's sometimes. It's fun, an enjoyable past-time and really gets one to think. It also shows I am easy to beat at things. XD Plus, the anonymity of it all is always a joy! <3 Here I will be showing my current ORG stats and reflecting on how well I feel I did.

Enchanted Forest- Captain Hook, 14th Place

My very first ORG ... and it shows. Good LORD I was such a noob, if even that. XD I was totally out of the loop for strategy, got played by several others, my confessional was all over the place random ... and yet, people really liked me. I guess just playing to have fun in my first game made the experience better. I didn't take part in the returnee twist because my GF was in great need of me ... but I do sometimes wonder how things would have gone if I had returned. Well, I know one thing ... no fucking way was I winning. XD The running gags with Peter and my relatives such as '50 Shades of Grey Beard' were kinda funny though. :giggle:

Castle in the Clouds- Woody, 19th Place

With Woody I tried to be less of an OTT fail villain mental patient and more of a laid back friendly UTRP/MORP nice guy. At first things went really well ... and then came the challenge. Due to confusion with the image tags and linking I BOMBED the challenge and, had we not got second, I'd have lost. The next round I got kicked off as most of my team tribe swapped leaving me with three who did not like me ... time zone issues stopped me from switching in time. An embarrassment, but overall harmless.

VictoriORG- Artful Dodger, 3rd Place

Now, this was a fun ORG to play indeed! The mini format was fast paced, but as it was just one night I knew time zones would be zero issue. I tried to play sneakier than previous games (along with a schtick of a stereotypical British accent) but I ended being the most loyal player of all. XD I worked together with my allies and played quite social and for the first time made it to the FTC. I had no chance, and I knew it, due to the other finalists vastly overshadowing me ... but I got some good experience for what to do in a FTC out if it, and I still got 2 jury votes anyway. A great experience indeed. :)

Ghost Town- Blinky, 6th Place

Loved this ORG. XD With Blinky, I went all out as the Bad Guy. Zero loyalty all the way ... and it actually worked. With my shameless backstabbing and frequent trolling of other players I played really hard from start to elimination. I had an easy ride through the pre-merge due to the haunted twist (and another player's PC failures). I lost by like a second or two in the F7 duel. Could I have won if I went further? Probably not, but I think I'd have put up a stronger FTC performance than in VictoriORG since nobody could say I did too little. But, being on the jury was rather enjoyable. Great cast in this one, truly! <3

Sci-fi TV Showdown- Hermes, 24th Place

Yeah, this ORG was a total disaster. I felt I played my character well and apparently people thought I was likeable ... but, at the time of the game I was dealing with massive anxiety attacks, house drama and hard essays and ... yeah, it all went pants as we British say. Certainly not my finest hour. I had wanted to play a kinda robotic CP game, but emotions sure didn't make me toneless. XD But, before the returnee twist ended I got back in action and put my all into it ... still lost, but hey, felt good to have my drive back.

King Of Gamer- Rottytops, 8th Place

My fav ORG thus far! Some great players and characters, and overall most people were pretty chill and civil. I had no idea it was gonna be arena format, so the fact I got so far really felt good. My plan was to be peppy, cute and a sort of OTTP/M hyper ball of fun. But I also think my strategic game was it's strongest this season. I mean, pre-merge I was allied with every single person on the team so I was never in any danger. Plus, the showmance with Captain Qwark was the most fun with anything I've had in quite a while! :D My downfall came due to underestimating Magicarp ... which was his plan all along. Doh! Nevertheless, love or hate Rotty, this was my strongest showing, I feel.

Disney Generations- Tinkerbell, 21st Place

Tinker Bell, or rather Tinker-Bitch, was another stab at something new for me. No real pleasantries or dancing around an issue. Just harsh, negative and bitchy gameplay and fierce attitude. And at the start ... it worked. I had a good thing going on, all due to being a total bitch. It felt surreal making so many angry, hateful and swear filled PMs and such as it's so unlike my normal self. XD Of course, things soon went pants, this time due to the twist going on where I was connected to one other player. Scar went down, and thus so did I. In classic I then lost due to having a worse performance than Scar in a challenge and Kristoff not wishing to risk it against Doof (and, typical, Kristoff had beaten him). People seem to agree I slot for nothing. Sucked to go out early when I was playing well ... but people really loved me, so I feel like a winner in my own way, sappy as that may be to say. :)

The Amanda Mini- Thad, 4th place

I just keep slaying at Mini's! :D Thad here is a rather interesting case ... with all previous reps I had at least a decent knowledge of the source material, but I had legit never seen the Amanda Show before. I just thought it sounded fun, and jumped in. Despite this seeming disadvantage, hilarity ensued. I played Thad as a mellow, flat and slightly depressed guitar player, building upon his small role in the show from the skit I watched as preparation. I also had a guitar riffing shtick ... and, well ... my music gimmick led to me joking something somebody else said would make a good metal music album. What proceeding to happen was everybody joining the 'band' and this kinda took control of the game, and then it became a boy band and a girl band thing with my side coming out on top. I got voted out as the biggest threat LMFAO. The best part is that I intended on none of this. XD A fun rep and a fun ORG.

Animal Crossing- Gulliver, 6th Place

I was worried Gulliver would flop, due to being on vacation in the early days of the ORG, but thankfully it all worked out! Gulliver was a fun rep to play, but also challenging. I basically played him as a very exaggerated drunken sailor, boozed up all the time. This was a challenging gimmick as the 'drunk speech' sometimes leaked into my stories and public comments, which I had to always go over and edit out before posting, the force of habit was THAT big. XD I actually played a good game with Gulliver, despite the drunken idiocy. I made myself integral, got close to people and had power up until a blindside at the F6! I also tried my hand at a rather unique strategy, 'Gulliver's Tale'. In short, a once per round shit-post story of drunken rambling that always ended on a massive cliffhanger. My plan was to get people enjoying the story and hope that the cliffhangers would make them unwilling to vote me off so that they could find out what would happen next. It ... actually, sort worked! XD Overall, a very fun rep to play and let loose with. :)

Smite- Hun Batz, 20th place

Or 19th on the official edgic. IDK, it was a double boot and I want to be fair. Anyway, Hun Batz! Ok, so a fun little story here. As IRL I was busy and such at the time, but I did not want to drop, I decided to have some trollish fun with this rep. Naughty, I know. Anyway, I heard a user by the name of 4DozenEggs once made 3rd in a Game of Thrones game saying nothing but the word 'Hodor', with no exceptions. So, for a bit of dickish fun, I decided to communicate via one word sentences and monkey meme pictures. The results were...actually, very good! I made allies, some people LOVED me, even some hosts! Of course, even though I appeared to be safe I 100% misunderstood the challenge...and both targets were immune. I then died in a 6-3-1 vote as some felt I was too hard to talk to. X( But even so, people remembered me and thought I was robbed, so I guess even when I bomb at a game I still put on a good show, I had fun and that is what matters. As for the rep himself...well, Hun Batz was just memes and OTTP goofy. Not my fav rep, but one who was pleasant to play while he lasted...but let's be honest, he was a troll rep. XD Also, Khepri, my bro, was ROBBED!

NeoORGpets- Shop Wizard, 10th place

The first mini I did poorly at. :( But, I had a lot of fun with this Rep. The game was ultra fast paced and nutty, and keeping up with PM'sw as HARD. Plus, there were plenty of hard twists, including a List Format kind of twist that screwed over yours truly. XD I had to leave before the game ended as I was sleep deprived, but it seems that my FTC question was seen as pretty funny, which is nice. As for Shop Wizard himself, he is an interesting one. Unlike the other reps, he has no backstory in Neopets itself and is more of a search engine for items. I made him very much a merchant and shop owner, with a yoda speech pattern. 'If items you are wanting, have them for you I may', and that kind of thing. :D A fun role for a fast paced game. :)

Mafia: Detective Conan- Jirokichi Suzuki, N/A

This game was a step in an all new direction. Mafia, sort of the vein of Town of Saem. I know nothing about this show, as my pal Bowser had recruited me for this rather than me applying, but he said I'd be good as Jirokichi. Given the character is a sort of crazy old man with skills, I acted very goofy and crazy with CAPITALS to make a point! I was the Investigator, and figured acted like a moron in public would throw the Mafia off of my trail, as why kill the stupid loon who isn't playing properly? ...Well, they did and I died night 1. Doh! XD A fun rep to play for the short time I did, but I never really got to DO anything, so I cant say much, sadly.

Total Drama Nations- Débora, 4th Place

Now this, THIS is one of my best games and one I will remember forever! It was so much amazing fun start to finish, and I am truly glad I got the chance to play in it. :heart: My good pal Nick wrote Nations, and to my last breath i will defend it as amazing, so when it became an ORG I naturally jumped right in. Débora may have been an odd choice, but I'm all about giving depth to those who have basically none, so I was ready to give it my all. What ensued was me playing an apparently 'God tier social game', me somehow becoming a challenge whore and then me actually playing the game and making some moves. People loved me, and the hosts thought I was really good. Also, Anna, Emma, Dmitri, Jafari, Carmen, Da and Rosa, you are all amazing. :heart: In the end, the main reason I lost was because people were scared I'd dominate in the FTC. Truly, this has been my favourite game that I have ever played in. I really felt like I was truly PLAYING, you know? I really think I'm hitting my stride at this point, and hopefully Débora will go down as a memorable rep of mine. :)

The Ultimate Game 6: Arcade- Juliette, 19th Place

Probably one of the most intense games I have ever been in, and I go to do it with one of my favourite video game characters ever. The cast were all video game themed and it was active, stacked and full of more twists and swaps than in any other game I had been in. It was seriously high maintenance and full of stress. And yet, zis French gun kitty had ze best social game, oui? The fact I took the time to be active with my PM's put me in a good spot and apparently everybody at least somewhat liked me. So, why did I go out this early? pet cat died and I quit, as the emotional blow was too much for me, and the stress of the game would've ended up hurting me. but for what it's worth, it was a lot of fun playing as Juliette. Hopefully playing her strongly may make more people want to play Fur Fighters? :D

Roundabout 2: Just One More Time!- Plank, 23rd Place

Played at the same time as the game above and below, I made Plank stand out by being a bad guy. Creepy and evil as shit, and full of hate masked by a thin layer of faux pleasantries. My plan had been to be 100% honest about everything at all times, so that as things got tense people would ignore my hateful character for the fact I'd give a neutral and open account of what is going on. And it seemed set to work due to people gravitating towards me and liking me. But, as with every game in the triple dip...the loss of Poppy led me to quit. A shame, but in the end it was for the best.

Paper Mario- Koopa Bros, 20th Place

This ORG was...well, a disaster. ^^; I forgot I'd signed up for it so I was taken off guard, and with my fear over losing Poppy and all the anxiety...yeah. But, I tried my best and in the short time before I quit I had fun and apparently played a decent game. The idea was the four bros would work separately, the colour of the text showing who was speaking. The joke was they would all argue amongst each other like the 3 stooges and would cause tribal friction for themselves. Fun, but...not meant to be.

Winter FUNderland- Jack Skellington, 9th Place

What a way to celebrate the holidays! This ORG was totally insane with a new format every round and a bunch of swaps AND a de-merge...I'm amazed I lasted as long as I did. But, what a blaze of glory I went out in! :D With Jack, I tried to play a more strategic and grand kind of game...but, I made sure I was affable, sweet and honest. Being honest...well, let's just say it might help me in future to remember anybody may have an idol, eheheh... ^^; But, I feel I was a power player. Taken out for being a threat, and the main host saying the first few rounds were the 'Jack Show', this ORG was a wonderful experience all the way through. Oh, and fun little fact? Jack was such a sought after rep...and yet, not only was he actually #2 on my list, but I've never actually seen Nightmare Before Christmas. Oh, I am terrible! XD

Chimerical- Muscle Man, 3rd Place

This was a fun ORG to start off the year, and darn it, I was SO close. But, it's about the fun factor to me and I did have fun. This ORG had the twist of no teams at all and thus a lot of PM'ing (a lot...), along with everybody picking their formats and the format of the person voted off being used. Well, I adapted well to this and made sure to be active and social. This paid off as before the jury the inactives were massacred and post-merge I was likeable and yet not threatening enough that the big players tore each other to shreds. Of course, then I was set to win and got voted out 3rd. Doh! XD I think my social game is getting better, and in this game I was able to better myself with honesty. I played Muscle Man as...what you'd see in the show. A bit of a troll, a bro, a dude, a lover of chicken wings...super cool, with MY MOM jokes. A very fun rep to play, but...perhaps a bit repetitive and basic sometimes? Still, making the podium was brilliant. :)

fuck but it's a mini- Fried Egg, 2nd Place

I beat my record! :D Ok, so this game...over at the ORG site I am a part of, there is a thread called 'fuck' made by a pal of mine,'s the love or hate shitpost thread basically. Well, this mini was based around shitposting, memes and just general awfulness...and it was AMAZING!!!:heart: Besides the most WTF threads ever, there were reps like Straight White Male, a piece of bacon, a body pillow, no-show Keemstar and more trash besides! Perfect. :heart: I played the role of Fried Egg and...basically, I was basically just OTT insane the whole time. I mean, I was sizzling and frying, random and loud, caused a vote to go to rocks, posted egg memes and made some really dark jokes about bird embryos. Best mini ever? Yes! :D It was fun playing such a novelty WTF rep I'd normally not have the chance to and to make it all the way to second place and be so close to a was a really satisfying game, that's for sure. :)

The Party Games- Joy, 7th Place

This was an interesting game to play in. Only 12 players, and almost all of them active and skilled. Combine that with the random aspect of the always changing formats, and it just shows how hard this game was. That, and the fact time zone differences were brutal. ^^; Now, Joy herself was a lot of fun to play. Given she is the personification of happiness my idea was basically to go above and beyond in terms of OTTP. Always smiling, always giggling, never a moment without a smile. But not only was Joy the super happy one...the other four emotions showed up too. Joy spoke most of the time, but depending on what colour the text was (yellow, blue, red, green or purple) it would change which emotion was 'speaking'. So, a multi-rep like what I'd wanted the Koopa Bros to be, but with the emotions acting differently. Overall, a fun and cute OTTP rep.

Survivor Fan Characters 5- Zoella, 6th Place

I really got the full experience of being in the minority in this game. I started off strong, getting my way and winning challenges...and then, well, I lose almost all my allies and constantly get beaten down and never get my way, and somehow I still survived to the F6 where I lose a crucial challenge and get voted off. Doh! But honestly, this game was FUN. So many great players and intensely strong performances, it kept my on my toes and made me work for it. Next game, I'm stepping it up to be more direct. Zoella herself, she was always a random fav of mine from SFC who I felt went way before her time due to the paranoia of Yvonne. So, I wanted to bring her to life and make her into a lovable rep. She had the s-s-shy stutter, cute mannerisms, screaming from PTSD, the whole works. Of course, stuttering as a long term shtick is...not a good idea. ^^; Still, it was a pretty wild journey full of memorable moments, like being voted off and then saved, and playing Zoella was a true joy every step of the way. My current favourite rep, everybody!

The Sponge- Mr Krabs, 8th Place

After many games of being the hero and full of sweetness, I decided to go a new route and play a bad guy. In fact, I wanted to be the Main Villain! And what better Spongebob character to do this with than Mr Krabs? We all know what he did in One Coarse Meal. So, I played as a mean money grubbing game player, a true schemer who would do anything to win the million. Of course, there were two issues. Firstly, the format was The Genius and it wasn't really something I excelled at. Secondly...I cannot play a proper villain at all. XD I just don't think being CPN really suits my play style. It was fun to try it, but I think generally I prefer P roles, as I get too attached to be able to be cutthroat. As a rep, Krabs was a blast to play, but game wise it kinda sucked to go into a duel solely due to a challenge being restarted. Still, the duel I lost, against Mrs Puff played by agreenparrot, was iconic in how much of a mess it was. XD All in all, this was a fun game and gave me some good practise at trying to be a bit more direct, though I still have work to do with not being transparent. All in all though, a game I'll fondly remember, :)

Personal Ranking

:bulletwhite: Zoella
:bulletwhite: Débora
:bulletwhite: Rottytops
:bulletwhite: Gulliver
:bulletpurple: Fried Egg
:bulletpurple: Jack Skellington
:bulletpurple: Mr Krabs
:bulletpurple: Blinky
:bulletblue: Juliette
:bulletblue: Joy
:bulletblue: Tinker Bell
:bulletblue: Thad
:bulletblue: Muscle Man
:bulletblue: Artful Dodger
:bulletgreen: Shop Wizard
:bulletgreen: Hun Batz
:bulletgreen: Captain Hook
:bulletyellow: Plank
:bulletyellow: Jirokichi Suzuki
:bulletorange: Woody
:bulletorange: Koopa Bros
:bulletred: Hermes
Culture Shock: Bee Very Careful
Another episode of Culture Shock. What mess have Yoko and friends gotten themselves into this time? Well...

When a bee hive is built at the clubhouse and Quadesh's plan to take it out leaves Mist in a very painful state due to a bee sting allergy, Quadesh takes it upon herself to drive out every single bee from town to leave Rainbow Plateau a bee free zone, and thus safe for Mist. This quickly becomes a problem when the bees prove to be more powerful adversaries than expected...


The characters belong to me, as thus Culture Shock.
And so, another story of the Nameless Chronicles has been completed. Overall i think it turned out better than Hot Water did. I feel I'm getting a good feel for how to write Hunger Games stories at this point. And not just that, but the first person narration is getting easier to work with too. Overall, it's a very fun way to expand my skillset.

So, I already went into detail on the characters and such within the story itself in the Tribute Notes section, but now it's time for the fun part...the scrapped content that did not end up appearing in the story. :D


Back when the Nameless Chronicles was a new thing to me, only Urchin was due sequels. This was quickly changed early on of course, but with this early no-sequal factor came the biggest, most jarring beta factor. Lacey would have been killed by Weldar instead of Sparky at the start of day 3.

Sparky was due to last much longer as a sort of true neutral presence who would set down many traps and go on the offensive as the numbers fell.

Miller would have died early due to a Mutt of some kind.

Katniss and Peeta were both due to suicide via nightlock and would be dead before Cinder...though I soon realised it made no sense to do this.

Cinder would've lasted a tad longer, and died from Marvel breaking her neck.

Marina would have died in the bloodbath, but there was no feasible way it would occur simply by taking Gadget away from the Bloodbath.

Thresh was due to die in Rammy's place, and Rammy would last long enough to take down Cato in a sort of joint-death.

Gadget was the only one left alive.


Peeta and Katniss would have showed up more. We'd see more of them falling in love, viewed through the eyes of a third party. However, it felt contrived how they'd pass by gadget so much.

Iin the very early version of the story, Gadget would have no aid from Lacey, and would be all alone, under the power of the Careers and Weldar and start to go insane from the misery. This was removed mainly as there would be no way she'd not succesfully end things on the mines.

Miller and Cinder's side plot was not originally a part of the story, and they were just arms-length allies.

A late draft cut, there would have been a bit of light romance forming between Cato and Clove...even a tender, romantic moment  few minutes before the land mine incident.

Marvel would gave gone less insane and OTT wacko from his experiences, and instead become a broken shell a person, reduced to begging and desperate for any validation he has worth.

There was going to be one more ratehr big thing that would happen on the train ride home in the last chapter, but it felt too unrealistic. As for what it was...well, it spoils the future of the series so it'll be a mystery for now. ;)
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Hello! I'm just a British Uni student who loves Total Drama (and Ridonculous Race) and writing fanfiction of it, cola, Robot Wars and much more. My tastes tend towards originality and the silly, cuddly warm feels, retro stuff, the works. I have Tourette Syndrome, Asperger Syndrome, ADHD, Dyspraxia and OCD, but really, it just makes me stand out and be less forgettable! =D Feel free to message me, I love meeting interesting people. :)

Feel like drawing any of my characters? Send me a note with your idea first. :)


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